Mastering Beach Photography – Insider Tips from Destin Family beach photographer

We are here to give you the scoop on tips and tricks for a fun family photoshoot. Poses, outfits, and timing can be daunting tasks on vacation. After all, it is vacation, right? Our Destin family photographers are here to help!

As springtime is approaching, the thought of the white sandy beaches of Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Miramar Beach, Florida, is music to almost anyone’s ears! Booking important aspects of the upcoming trip like condos, transportation, and tours can sometimes overshadow activities like scheduling family photos at the beach.

Here at Destin Beach Photography Company, our Destin photographers are here to provide top notch service so we can make booking, capturing, and delivering your family photos as simple as possible. We highly recommend booking one of our experienced photographers in Destin to ensure you acquire stunning family beach portraits this spring vacation.

However, we do encourage photography throughout your trip so we are sharing some of our most helpful tips from our pro photographers.

Posing with a purpose

Posing for the camera holds many definitions based on personal opinion. Some folks think it looks fake or forced, but in reality it can showcase a family in a flattering way. Think of a puzzle. Each piece is slightly different in shape and size. Posing your family can be similar in concept, but the beauty of posing lends more to creating a piece of art. As we are the artists, we can easily move people around to create some really amazing family pictures.

Tips from a family photographer: Beach Posing

Consider the height of all subjects: Sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised on how many people you try to hide in the back with large families or with the parents who are trying to hold the baby. Giving yourself enough spacing is so critical when you are trying to photograph a family.
Consider the attention span of the subjects: Alway pose your babies and toddlers last. If you get all the adults set to your liking, make sure to leave space for toddler and children to add right before the big moment of capturing.
Improvising is to be expected: Scouring ideas on Pinterest is great, until you try in a relief setting with wind, on a beach, with a baby. Sometimes when you have to change the direction of the photoshoot, it yields into a pleasant surprise.
Listen to requests: When you are a photographer, it is vital to be a good listener. People will share exactly what they like or dislike if you just listen. It is important to consider subjects’ feelings and concerns to lead to satisfying beach portraits.

These are just a few fundamental tips on posing families. If you are looking for more inspiration on posing, we recommend browsing through our beach portrait galleries. There are plenty of samples from our maternity photographers in Destin to our surprise engagement photographers in Destin.

3,2,1 say “Yoga”

Say cheese” is overrated. There are so many other things to say and do to achieve a smile. Did you know say Yoga actually causes the mouth to end more with a smile, and it may even be funny to some. We can’t disclose all of our secrets, but our photographers in Destin are willing to share a few of their techniques.

How to achieve a genuine Smile…

  • Make an unexpected noise. This works great for babies. It can be soothing or something catchy depending on the age of child.
  • Funny phrases are a must and how you say them is just as important. This works wonders with all ages.
  • Making a funny face. Easing into it for a response is always a good idea. If you get a smile, go for it.
  • Building a relationship with the subject also can cause excitement, especially in young children. Knowing what they are interested in, you can incorporate that into motivation.
  • Identifying personalities is key. Shy kids may need some extra funniness to break the ice, whereas outgoing kids may need more efficiency with directions.

Whatever it takes to get the smile is something that just comes naturally to some. Being a photographer in Destin requires you to be diverse in photographing endless dynamics of groups, making us proficient in capturing smiles on the beach.

Corporation leads to a fun family activity

If your family is genuinely having a fun, your photos should reflect that. Without getting into technical lighting and camera settings, if your family is willing to participate in family beach photos, you really can have some great fun. You can bring props, bring a picnic for afterwards, or even some beach activities like cornhole or football.

Whatever the family enjoys can be incorporated with the experience. Although we do recommend booking one of our professional photographers in Destin to capture your vacation portraits, we also are advocates of documenting family memories in general. Living in the moment is fulfilling, but when you have a photograph to recall the moment it validates the memory.

Take aways…

 Photographing on the beach in Destin offers endless opportunities to capture the beauty of nature and the joy of family moments. With these tips, you’re well on your way to creating photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Remember, the most important aspect of beach photography is to have fun and let the natural beauty of Destin inspire you. Happy shooting! — These tips blend technical advice with practical insights for capturing beautiful family moments against the stunning backdrop of Destin’s beaches.

Remember, our family beach photographers in Destin are available 7 days a week for family beach portraits. We are here to make your Destin spring break pictures a fun and easy experience for you. We look forward to answering any questions or concerns on your reservation.

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