Destin photographer captures baby announcement

Inside Look: See how our photographers in Destin honor special occasions during a photoshoot

The Gulf sets the perfect stage to celebrate your special moments at the beach.

Many folks flock to Destin Florida for the ultimate getaway. With breathtaking views of colorful skies that overlook the Gulf, it sets the perfect stage to celebrate your special moments at the beach! To make these special moments last, considering a Destin photographer to capture the celebration is worthwhile investment.

Our professional photographers want to share some of their favorite and most creative ways to showcase a variety of celebrations. From a fabulous girls trip to the big baby announcement, little subtleties go a long way in a beach portrait. It is reassuring to know our Destin FL photographers have many hours of experience behind the camera. So no matter the conditions, your special occasions will be handled with care.

Easy Coordination Plan

Planning out your celebration should be a fun experience. Don’t get lost in planning for perfection, because most of the time Mother Nature has a funny way of showing her love, especially at the beach. Keeping an open mind about the entire experience will result in some great beach portraits to share with family and friends.

We do encourage planning as it leads to a better overall photoshoot. When you are booking with your photographer in Destin, FL, make sure to discuss your celebration details so they can set timing and location accordingly. Make sure to mention how many people will be attending the photoshoot and if you are bringing any props.

Here are some easy things to remember when coordinating

  • Book during the middle of your stay, just in case of weather. This will allow you time to reschedule if needed.
  • Do not bring too many props. It can make the photo look busy. Simple is better.
  • Plan to dress in lightweight clothing. It is Florida and it is hot even during the evening hours.
  • Make sure toddlers get their naps and are fed before arriving at photoshoot. A full baby is a happy baby.

Posing with a Purpose

Since you have already coordinated with your pro Destin photographer all the details of your upcoming photo session, now it’s time to talk poses. Yes during the beach photos you still will get traditional posing but typically during a special occasion photoshoot our photographers focus heavily on the special occasion portraits.

For instance, baby announcement pictures will also include a great deal of maternity shots as well. It honestly all depends who and what you bring to the shoot. We creatively make those decisions once we are on the beach taking the photos.

If you have something you really want showcased within your photo session, we encourage you to talk to your photographer the entire time. Posing people for portraits is totally subjective, so if you prefer a side or angle share that with your photographer. They will make sure they incorporate your wants into your beach pictures.

Here are some special occasions to consider documenting on your visit to Destin

  • Baby Announcements/ Gender Reveal/ Maternity.
  • Birthdays.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Engagements and Surprise Proposals.
  • Family Reunions.
  • Holiday’s (Christmas, 4th of July).
  • Girls’ Trip.
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Trips.


With a little planning and budgeting you can have beautiful beach portraits to remember your special occassion when visiting Destin, FL. If you are looking for inspiration, we encourage you to browse through our galleries for creative ideas on attire and props!


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