16 tips on what to wear in Destin beach photos

How do you effectively pack for a family trip traveling to lively Destin, FL, for the entire week? Let alone outfit coordinate for family beach portraits?

Our pro photographers have seen it all, from ketchup stains to baby spit up right when we are about to take that perfect snapshot. Over numerous situations, we have learned a few tips that will help avoid these photo fails and actually make planning effortless. Remember these 16 tips from our Destin photographers when planning to pack for your family portraits! 

Helpful wardrobe tips from our Destin photographers

  1. Choosing the right color scheme
    Think of the dynamic of your group. Skin tones, hair color, or even the number of people planned for the beach portraits. Choosing easy to find outfits that everyone feels their best in will lead to a great family photo!
  2. Classic colors never go out of style
    You want to choose colors that will remain timeless and make beautiful artwork for your home. Think about where you are planning to display the images and bring some accent colors into your attire.
  3. Multi-shades clothing for large group photos
    Planning a vacation for a large group is stressful enough. Being flexible on outfits is a must in order to make it a pleasant experience. Find a few colors and pick various tones that everyone can choose from. Also, give plenty of notice to all that plan to partake, so they have adequate time to get prepared.
  4. Layout all the side-by-side outfits to get a good visual
    We suggest to even take a few photos of the outfits all together so you can really envision your beach photos.
  5. Coordinate but stay away from matching completely
    If you’re looking to have an updated portrait try something new. Pinterest has plenty of attire coordinating ideas to browse through.
  6. Avoid too many patterns
    You don’t want your beach portraits to look too busy. Balance your pattern clothing with solid colors.
  7. Young children, bring a spare outfit
    Let’s just say it’s better to be prepared. Our Destin photographers have seen their share of ketchup stains and spit up. If you child is a toddler or younger, we highly suggest bringing a spare outfit.
  8. Try on outfits before you leave town
    This helpful tip will help you avoid last minute scrambles. There is nothing worse then on the big day, the dress doesn’t zipper. Save yourself the headache and try on the outfits before you leave your home.
  9. Loose fitting or flowing clothing looks really great in the sea breeze
    Everyone wants to be comfortable while posing for family pictures on the beach. You will be standing, sitting and walking during the photoshoots. Loose attire is suggested for these reasons.
  10. For anyone with long hair, style it away from the face with hair pins
    Our photographers in Destin go the extra mile to really make sure you are comfortable, and also that you maintain your “look” through the entire shoot. If your hair is long, we suggest pinning it away from the face. And a loose braid always looks fashionable.
  11. One person should pack all items for the photoshoot, so on day of they have everything organized
    This tip is not for every family; however, if you want have a “type A” personality in your family this is a game changer. You are on vacation, so act like it! On the day of your photo appointment, you can make it an easy preparation by having everything organized and ready to go.
  12. Keep an open line of communication between family members
    This is a great opportunity to get family members talking about the photo session. Although not everyone may share the same enthusiasm, you may want to get everyone’s input to kick start that it’s going to be a positive experience.
  13. Props are fun, if you’re celebrating a special occasion
    Each Destin photographer has plenty of experience working with numerous props. Balloons, baby sonograms photos, deceased photos of a family member, or wooden numbers for an anniversary shoot all have been incorporated into our photoshoots.
  14. Forgot your outfit? It’s a great excuse to go shopping
    Everyone loves to go shopping, especially when vacationing in Destin, FL! You may even pick up a few beach souvenirs while you are browsing the town.
  15. Have fun when planning
    When all said and done, this should be a fun planning experience.
  16. Browse through our photo galleries to get brain storming

Are you ready to book your photo session?

If you have become inspired with these helpful tips, a friendly team member is available to answer any additional questions you may have. If you have no questions and are ready to book your photo appointment, what are you waiting for?

You are one call away from an unforgettable photo experience with an award winning photographer in Destin for an unbelievable price!


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