How to Shop for a Family Photographer in Destin, FL

Shopping can be a fabulous experience, even exciting at times! So if your looking to update your family beach portraits, looks like you’ll be needing to shop for a family beach photographer. Not a local? Not a problem, we have local professional photographers sharing their best tips and essentials when it comes to searching for a reputable photographer in Destin, FL and the 30A surrounding areas.

Our Destin photographers have seen it all, large groups needing a family reunion photoshoot for 55 people, to answering questions on what to wear during the sunset photo session. When it comes to hitting all the marks you value, we are here to share our knowledge about what we love to do! Taking the best family beach portraits in Destin so that you will cherish your memories at our beach!

But where to start? This can be challenging for most. Price, Style, Reviews it’s all important. Here are some things to keep in mind during the shopping process.

Affordable Photographer for All Group Sizes

Remember, everyone’s budget fluctuates. For the client, this might be a simple answer. Perhaps family photos are a must no matter the cost. But ask another question to yourself. What is the photographer’s budget? Do they have a full-time staff to address any needs that you have throughout the entire process? What type of equipment are they using and what is their turnaround time? Or is it just a one-man show?

When it comes to comparing pricing for Destin and 30A photographers, here are a few questions to consider when you are starting to shop around.

  •  Is there a Deposit?
  • Do I pay Upfront?
  • What is the refund policy?/ What happens if we have bad weather?
  • Is there additional fees for large groups?
  •  What comes with your packages?

These questions can seem like no-brainers, but if you cannot find the information on the photographer’s website, ask where you can find their policies written. Check out this great example of an FAQ about payment. You should be given all the information so you can make the best decision for your family. That leads us to our next tip to look for which is Transparency and Customer Service. 

Customer Service is a MUST!

Remember that saying, listen to your gut. They were right. Most interactions will be over the phone or email, but you should be able to gage your comfort with just a few interactions with the photographer.

You might know at least a dozen of “professional photographers”, but how many hours do they truly have behind the camera? Nowadays the camera does most of the work and with the stunning views of the Gulf, almost anyone can call themselves a professional. Make sure the photographer you pay, can deliver quality work.

If your potential photographer is charming and knowledgeable about their entire process, chances are you may have found the one. But if their interaction has left you questioning anything, you may want to continue to shop a little more.

Here is some helpful advice on how to tell if a photographer has great Customer Service.

  • We always recommend speaking to the photographer on the phone when booking. You can observe someone’s response times to your questions more easily over the phone. 
  • The more questions, the better. A better understanding of their process will set the tone for the entire experience.
  • Research and comparing rates and response times
  • Reviews are very helpful!

Client Testimonials and Reviews

This is probably the most important thing to reference when choosing your family photographer. So many options paired with the power of sharing, online researching has gotten a lot easier over the years. We do recommend making a list of what is important to you so you can scan reviews to see if they are what you’re looking for in a photographer.  

There is something to be said about the number of client testimonials. The more people that used the service, the more feedback there is to reference.

Takeaway thoughts from our pro beach photographers:

Once you ponder a budget, start to look at reviews, and take a look at their portfolio work. We always recommend coming up with your budget first, then start visually looking around. Although it seems like an obvious choice when considering a beach photographer, make sure to look to see if they have an example of your family’s dynamic.

Other questions to inquire to your future photographer would be…

  • How long are your photoshoots?
  • How many poses do you typically do?
  • If I purchase the entire photoshoot, how many photos do I receive? Just edited or every photo taken?
  • Do you have photo props?

Do they have a ton of work for just adults and couples? What happens when your family has 3 kids under the age of 5? Definitely take some time to look through all their work.

Convenience is key when you are on vacation. Think about your experience when you booked the appointment and how their process has been thus far. This is a good indicator of how the photoshoot and order fulfillment will be.

Remember– when you are on vacation, it should truly be a vacation! Not more hassle. Let the photographer worry about the photos, leaving you to really enjoy getting your family beach photos made!

Looking for examples of a well-rounded photo gallery? 

Here are some samples of sunset family photos and large group sunset photos

And if you are ready to plan your family photo shoot, contact us today!

Our beach photographers are here to help and share our knowledge with you so your photoshoot is effortless.


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