Large group portraits taken by Photographers in Destin.

The Jardine Family Beach Photography Party of 47 at Henderson State Park

It was a Wonderful Experience!

Patrick was Fantastic! He was engaging and was fabulous with the little ones. Very pleasant personality and did a great job with the pictures!
We have a large family all 47 of us ! He managed to get those pictures which we considered a monumental task. But he did it!!!
Well Done Patrick. It was a wonderful experience having you as our photographer.
Janet Jardine
Client Testimonial

Patrick was the Destin photographer for this amazing family of 47! Quite the undertaking to say the least, but our Destin photographers are trained for handling groups such as the Jardine family. Through years of experience and energetic passion, some qualities cannot be taught. Patrick our photographer in Destin Fl encompasses the talent it takes to photograph a group of this size. And do it well if we may add! Here is what the photos resulted in and what the Jardine Family had to say about the photo experience!

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Unique Photography Services

Our photographers in Destin have seen it all, from large groups needing a family reunion photoshoot for 47 people (Jardine Family), to answering questions on what to wear during the sunset photo session. When it comes to hitting all the valuable marks, we are here to share our knowledge about what we love to do! Taking the best family beach portraits in Destin so that you will cherish your memories at our beach!

Affordable Family Photography in Destin

Family photos can get costly depending on a number of factors. (Like group size, time, etc.) For our photography services, they are priced in a unique way. We do not charge any money to have the photos taken and/or take any type of deposit. You simply purchase the digital lease afterward.

Our budget-friendly packages make it simple to understand. Once you purchase the digital release of the photos, they are yours to reproduce.

Specialized in Large Group Beach Portraits

Large group beach portraits take a ton of coordination on both ends. Luckily our Destin photographers know the most optimal way to put your mind at ease. They prep you, they guide the entire photoshoot and they make sure to stay engaged with all ages.

TIP: Our photographers always do a complete breakdown of the entire group, o matter the size!

Product Fulfillment

This is such an important thing to consider when choosing the right family photographer! When do you ever get those precious pictures? The turnaround times for receiving your images is very quick. We know how much you will enjoy your family portraits, so we don’t want to keep you waiting!

For reference all photo appointments are conducted at Henderson State Park. It’s a great location for photoshoots, allowing space and parking for all group sizes.

Still need more information on our photography services, please visit our FAQs. And if you are ready to plan your family photo shoot, contact us today!

Our beach photographers are here to help and share our knowledge with you so your photoshoot is effortless.


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