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Planning Surprise Beach Proposals in Destin, Florida: Tips from our Destin Photographers

Planning a surprise beach proposal is made easy when you choose our Destin Beach Photographers. Here are some pro tips to help make this stressful time into an amazing experience.

Tip 1: Book a Destin Photographer

You have finally mustered up enough courage to “Pop” the big question, but now you need to decide when and how. If you have a vacation to Florida in the upcoming future, you may want to consider proposing on the beach. Our photographers are here to share some of their most helpful advice on planning the big moment. With such a stunning ambiance, matching this precious moment you definitely want a photographer there to capture every second!

Our Destin photographers have 100% of proposals say YES. Can’t guarantee this, but those are the current stats. And with these tips below, we believe you are in the best hands.

We recommend that you book your photographer first, then all of the additional planning can follow. If you have something specific in mind we do our best to accommodate your vision. If you stumped on ideas, our pro photographers have plenty of creative ways to pop the question. This will all be discussed upon booking the photoshoot.

  • If you are traveling with family, you may want to consult with the main family member who is doing all the planning for the vacation. This will not give any secrets away and you can use their organization to assist you.
  • Book in advance. This will give you many time selections.
  • Do it before dinner! Use dinner to continue the celebration. And it lessens the chance of getting a stain on your outfits.
  • If your schedule permits, try to book your photo reservation in the middle of your stay. This will allow time to reschedule if weather conditions occur.

Tip 2: How to Propose at the Beach

The most important thing to consider is you future fiancé’s personality when it comes to popping the question. You want this grand gesture to feel genuine and natural, so don’t over think it. Here are some creative ways to actually ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage.

Schedule a surprise proposal photo shoot! We believe this is the most fantastic way to propose. Along with help from our local Destin photographer pros, they will put your mind at ease during the booking and on the big day. In addition to assisting with the planning, your photographer will be there to capture every moment. This will leave you with incredible photographs for announcements, photo albums, and more.

Beach Scavenger Hunt. If you are a person who struggles with words, setting up a scavenger hunt in 30A is a fun way to lighten the mood. A popular area to do this is near the Harbor Walk Village where there are great shops and food to discover. You can end at Henderson State Park — a romantic setting during the “Golden Hour”. Don’t forget to coordinate with you photographer in Destin about what you will be wearing so they can discreetly snap some candid photos.

Get the Family Involved. A common scenario that our Destin photographers see quite often, is that you didn’t travel here alone. Most likely you are vacationing with extended family or friends, this is perfect! Not only can they assist with planning, they will get to witness the proposal first hand. Don’t spill the beans to that many family members, you do want it to be a surprise!

Message in the sand/bottle/sign. Bringing props to the beach definitely adds an elevated touch to the entire experience. If you are the romantic type, try some flowers and a message in a bottle. If you are creative and great with sculpting, perhaps a sand message. Whichever you choose to carry out, she will appreciate all the thought and planning that goes into your beach proposal.

Tip 3: What to Say? 

We encourage you to practice what you plan to say. When you do figure out what you’d like to convey, we ask that you spend a little extra time on your knee so she has time to react and so our photographers can get the perfect snapshot of the moment.

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Say what you love most about them.
  • Include why they changed your life for the better.
  • Talk about the future.
  • Include an inside joke to get a smile.

Take aways…

Remember, this is your special day with the one you love. Take a deep breath and really think about what your priorities are for your beach proposal. Every surprise proposal in Destin is unique, but they all have the main focus of celebrating love.

Give us a call to discuss your beach surprise proposal in Destin.

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